Sword And Serpents


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Sword And Serpents

Sword And Serpents is a fantasy role-playing video game.


Can be played by one, two, or four players (by use of the NES Satellite or other 4-player adapter). Control of the characters is divided evenly among the number of players, but one player must be chosen as the party leader to control navigation through the game. Upon starting the game, the player creates a party of four adventurers, choosing one of three available classes for each character: warrior, thief or magician. Character statistics can be randomly generated, or the player can choose a prefabricated party which includes characters of each class plus another magician. Continuing the game requires the player to record and later input five passwords: one password for each character, and a fifth password for overall game progress.

Gameplay is simple. The player navigates through a crude representation of a dungeon, presented in split-screen format which allows the player to simultaneously view the dungeon from a first-person perspective and a simple map of the current level showing the party’s location. Encounters with monsters occur randomly (and occasionally in specific locations), during which the map is replaced by gauges representing the creatures’ health. During fights the player controls the characters’ actions to attack, cast magic spells, or flee. The entire game takes place in an underground dungeon composed of 16 levels, with the serpent at the end.


  1. Level Select

  2. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    QJALS???4UNMR? 01
    9JATS???4XNMW? 02
    UJACS???4VNRZ? 03
    UJ9FS???4SNFX? 04
    9J?JS???4SV4K? 05
    MZBJS???ATUZ?K 06
    3RSJS???ATUNF? 07
    3NSJS???RQULIK 09
    ENSJS???RQ3QHK 10
    UNSJS???RQ3K6? Past 10

  3. Strong Endgame Party

    Effect Effect
    RANDS / 9P9XQSE?ZVT4K 1st Name/Password (Magician)
    RANDS / 2MHKYXFCYJOPS 2nd Name/Password (Thief)
    RANDS / LITKYYASBZNXB 3rd Name/Password (Thief)
    RANDS / 7MLKYL3ZYJPAS 4th Name/Password (Thief)
    GSOAS???4CO72K Game Password (Floor 10 w/all Ruby Items)
  4. Misc Passwords Sword And Serpents

    Effect Effect
    93UZGMYJETGWO Ajax and all seven Ruby Items
    RNFY7L6JZOOUB Erin and all seven Ruby Items
    2KSJS???RPAVO Game Password
    I3MNYRXSJMVH? Iago and all seven Ruby Items
    A?A3GLS9BTVZS Mask
    F?F3GKOGPVBAB Mask and all seven Ruby Items

  5. Maxed Out Party Sword And Serpents

    Q334G?OB7LIK Ajax (maxed out)
    RFFE72XOGF7? Erin (maxed out)
    QJALS???3ZNUJ? Game Password (beginning)
    IMMNY?7UJVS? Iago (maxed out)
    Z443G2O?AKF? Mask (maxed out)