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Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible is a 1990 overhead action adventure video game.


The objective of the IMF team is to solve a kidnapping case. As a terrorist group by the name of the Sinister 7 has kidnapped both a well-known scientist and Shannon Reed. The chase will take place through the canals of Venice to the Swiss Alps, and the team is to infiltrate a number of hostile multiple-floor installations in pursuit of the hostages.


The game is played from a top-down perspective. The player gets to control three IMF operatives from the TV series – Max, Grant and Nicholas – all of whom have different skills necessary for completion.

On the street at the very beginning of the game, civilians may not be harmed, and such activities will most certainly bring the mission to a highly embarrassing end, as local authorities proceed to arrest the attacker.


  • Computer access code

    Code Effect
    MTKN Computer access code
  • Semi-Invulnerability

    Select the continue option and enter the password for Level 1 – LRHN. Then hold Left, A, and B on Controller 2 and press A on Controller 1. This will allow you to start a new game and be invulnerable to enemy attacks – cars and capturing will still hurt you, as will other such stuff.


  • Level Passwords

    Password Effect
    HMPR Arena 2
    KMVW Arena 3
    XDGJ Arena 4
    TVJL Arena 5
    QBYZ Arena 6
    YGKX Computer Level