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Low G Man

Low G Man is a futuristic action video game developed by KID for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game includes a password feature for players to restore their progress after receiving a game over screen.


This video game was unusual for a science fiction game in that rather than the usual laser gun weapon, the player had a freeze ray that did no damage to enemies. Other weapons included fireballs, boomerangs, ‘force-waves,’ and bombs. The name of the game derives from the protagonist’s high-powered jumping, which at its maximum power reaches three screen-heights; this allows the player to kill enemies without freezing them, which generated more power-ups. The plot was a typical alien invasion scenario, in which evil aliens took over a robot-manufacturing planet.




  • 2nd Quest Passwords

    Password Effect
    KADO Start on Cobalt Mines (stage 3)
    MIE(heart symbol) Start on Frozen Waste (stage 2)
    IRIE Start on Getting Close (stage 5)
    SAME Start on The Tower (stage 4)
  • 3rd Quest Passwords

    Password Effect
    HIGU Cobalt Mines (3-1)
    SIMA Frozen Waste (2-1)
    IIZU Getting Close (5-1)
    OGAW The Tower (4-1)
  • Ending Passwords

    Password Effect
    KID (HEART ICON) 1st Quest Ending
    SAY (HEART ICON) 2nd Quest Ending
    YES (HEART ICON) 3rd Quest Ending
  • Fun Passwords

    Password Effect
    NAKA Anti-Grav Transport
    LOBB Begin with 9 Lives
    YES (HEART ICON) Best Ending
    AMAN Cyber-Express
    SHOT Full Weapons
    SONG Sound Test

    Contributed By: Dallas.

  • Level Passwords

    Password Effect
    MICH 02
    ELLE 03
    ISAC 04
    BILL 05
    KUNI Chapter 4, Scene 2
    TERU Second Quest
    MARU Third Quest
  • Mid Level Passwords (First Quest)

    Password Effect
    MATT Chapter 1-2
    HNRY Chapter 1-3
    DANM Chapter 2-2
    JIMG Chapter 2-3
    MALZ Chapter 3-2
    HISA Chapter 3-3
    ETSU Chapter 3-4
    KAWA Chapter 4-3
    ISHI Chapter 5-2

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

  • PAL Passwords

    These are the Passwords are used in the European version.

    Password Effect
    Chapter 5-2 1SH1
    Chapter 2-1A 3100
    Chapter 1-1B 386V
    Chapter 5-1A 5VLB
    Chapter 3-1B 80MB
    Chapter 2-2 DGNM
    Chapter 3-1 FLLF
    Chapter 1-3 HNRD
    Chapter 3-3 HQSK
    Chapter 3-1A HV10
    Chapter 1-1A JPN1
    Chapter 2-3 JPS[Blank Space]
    Chapter 1-2 LGM[Blank Space]
    Chapter 4-1A LV12
    Chapter 2-1 M1CH
    Chapter 2-1B M9S2
    Chapter 5-1 MP45
    Chapter 3-2 MPLC
    Chapter 3-4 NTSR
    Chapter 4-1B S0N8
    Chapter 4-1 SCRD
    Chapter 5-1B SGJK
    Chapter 4-3 T1RL
    Chapter 4-2 TMNT
  • Power-up Bonus Rooms Passwords

    Password Effect
    INO (Heart Symbol) First Bonus Room
    SHIO Second Bonus Room
    GATA Third Bonus Room