Game Boy Printer


The Game Boy Printer released by Nintendo in 1998.

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Game Boy Printer

The Game Boy Printer released by Nintendo in 1998. The GBP is compatible with all the Game Boy systems except the Game Boy Micro. It is designed to be used with the Game Boy Camera. It runs on six AA batteries and uses a special 3.8 cm wide thermal paper with adhesive backing, sold in white, red, yellow and blue colors.

Game Boy Printer paper

A roll of the American Game Boy Printer paper came in red, blue, yellow and white, with an adhesive backing. It had a width of 38mm and a diameter of 30mm, with a 12mm cardboard spindle in the centre. A typical roll had 390–400 cm of length. When a picture printed from the Game Boy Camera, it would print with a .5 cm margin above and below the picture and print the picture at a 2.3 cm height. This would give the total of 3.3 cm height per picture. The Game Boy Printer paper refills boasted up to 180 pictures per roll. The paper is now hard to find.



  • Resolution: 160×144 px (same as Game Boy)
  • Power supply: 6 AA batteries
  • Print: thermal sticker paper rolls, 100-180 pictures per roll
  • Print size: 27×23 mm, including frame