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Burai Fighter

Burai Fighter is a 1990 side-scrolling shoot ’em up video game.


This is a basic action game with only a minor story line. The Burai are an intelligent race bent on complete domination of the entire universe. They have seven facilities across the galaxy that produce their troops that are half robot, half animal. Only the unnamed protagonist can save the universe with his proton suit and laser gun.


  • Misc. Passwords

    Code Effect
    LTTB or LOBB All weapons
    GOOD Harder Difficulty
    ICHI Hardest difficulty
    KAGA Start on Stage 1 with 99 lives.


  • Eagle Difficulty Level Passwords

    Password Effect
    BALL 2
    CAMP 3
    DOLL 4
    EDEN 5
    FACE 6
    GAME 7
  • PAL version passwords

    Password Effect
    LTBB All weapons
    BQLL stage 2
    CQMP stage 3
    DTLL stage 4
    RDRN stage 5
    FQCR stage 6
    GQMR stage 7
    KQGQ Start with 99 lives
  • Second Difficulty Level Stage Passwords

    Password Effect
    HEAD 1
    JEEP 2
    KING 3
    LIME 4
    MILD 5
    NILE 6
  • Third Diffeculty Level Stages Passwords

    Password Effect
    PALM 1
    FALL 2
    IDEA 3
    PLAN 4
    MONK 5
    IDOL 6
  • Ultimate Diffuculty Stage Passwords

    Password Effect
    GOOD 1
    FLAG 2
    JOKE 3
    ONCE 4
    PAIL 5
    GOAL 6
    ICHI 7